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New York, NY (UCCA) -- On Monday, December 19th, the United Nations General Assembly voted 70 to 26 to adopt a resolution condemning human rights abuses in Crimea and urging Russia to allow UN monitors unimpeded access to the Ukrainian peninsula. The resolution marked the first time that the Russian Federation was named by the Assembly as an occupying power and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (hereinafter “Crimea”) as “temporarily occupied territory”. Out of the 193 member states of the United Nations, 70 voted in favor, 26 voted against and 77 abstained.



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New York (UCCA) – Almost three years after Russia’s military invasion and illegal occupation of Ukrainian territory - not a one-time violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, but an ongoing, daily violation of international law - the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), the nation’s largest representation of Ukrainians in America, calls on the incoming 115th United States Congress and President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming administration to continue our nation’s proud tradition of bipartisan support for Ukraine. Any retreat from current sanctions levied against Russia or the military, political and economic support of Ukraine, and the United States would signal yet another “reset,” a capitulation with terrifying consequences for Ukraine, our European partners and security around the world.


Dear Members and Friends:

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Following the results of the U.S. elections on November 8, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America asks its members and supporters to aid in our continuing efforts in maintaining bipartisan support for Ukraine with our elected officials both in the final weeks of this legislative cycle as well as the coming year. As we continue to keep you abreast of our communications with Congress and the new White House administration, we ask that you review our attached statement detailing the goals we will seek to help enact with the country's new leadership as well as after significant turnover in top Congressional posts next year.

As we are all too aware, the work of Ukrainians in America and our many organizations is needed more now by our family and friends in Ukraine than in recent memory, given Russia’s latest efforts to enslave Ukraine. Only by continuing to strengthen and add to our coalition, will victory come in the form of a Ukraine, whole and free.

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“Ukraine at 25: A December 1st Remembrance” Special Historical Encounters Series Held in New York City

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(New York) - A special Ukrainian Historical Encounters Series entitled “Ukraine at 25: A December 1st Remembrance”, was held at the Shevchenko Scientific Society, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the December 1st national referendum, during which more than 91% of Ukraine’s electorate voted to confirm Ukraine’s August 24th declaration of independence.


United States Relations With Ukraine

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Ukrainian-Americans are united in their support for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. As Americans, we believe that a democratic and independent Ukraine is in the national security interests of the United States. With a new administration looking to take a fresh approach to foreign policy, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, the largest grassroots representation of Americans of Ukrainian descent, has reached out to President-elect Trump with a letter of congratulations urging him to fortify relations with Ukraine while reinforcing international principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity. Towards this goal, we urge policy-makers of both national parties to move forward with the following actions:

v The United States, together with the EU, needs to communicate a unified, steadfast and explicit commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and self-determination. The territorial integrity of Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders cannot be negotiated. As such:

We reject any form of recognition of Russian rule over Crimea;

We demand the immediate withdrawal of covert and overt Russian forces and equipment from Ukraine;

v Today, Europe’s largest country – Ukraine – is on pace to field Europe’s largest military, with spending levels exceeding NATO’s minimum requirements. Furthermore, Ukraine already stands as the only non-NATO partner to have contributed actively to all NATO-led operations and missions for the past 20 years. As such:

In addition to living up to its public and binding security guarantees to Ukraine, the United States should further develop this existing military relationship as a buffer against rogue nations threatening the collective security order;

The United States should provide Ukraine with defensive equipment, services, and training as already authorized by Congress (H.R. 5859, enacted on December 18, 2014), in order to counter offensive weapons and reestablish Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity;

With U.S. support, a democratic, independent Ukraine can be the stabilizing partner the United States has been seeking to decrease U.S. international deployments as Europe’s pro-democratic East steps up to repay the faith invested in them;

Support NATO’s “Open Door” policy of membership for aspiring qualified CEE countries;

v The Russian Federation’s aggressive behavior poses a threat to the national security of the U.S., as it acts to demolish the Euro-Atlantic community’s unity and destabilize countries on its periphery. As such:

The United States, together with the EU, must maintain and strengthen targeted economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, including a possible ban on SWIFT banking, until it fully complies with its international obligations, including the Budapest Memorandum and Minsk agreement.

Support the creation of a Center for Information Analysis and Response, which would lead and coordinate the collection and analysis of information on foreign government information warfare efforts (S. 2692 and H.R.5181).

Freeze the assets of and deny visas to elite Russians suspected of money laundering or involvement in the actions against Ukraine.