2010 is an historic year for the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America.  As you know, on May 24, 1940, our forefathers had the foresight to call the first Congress of Ukrainians in America that laid the foundation for this Ukrainian umbrella organization, which today represents close to one million Ukrainians throughout the United States.

Today, 70 years later, the UCCA has much to celebrate. We are the largest Ukrainian community organization in the nation, with offices in New York and Washington, DC; we publish the much-acclaimed Ukrainian Quarterly; have close contacts with Members of Congress (we are the initiators of the Congressional Ukrainian Caucus), and maintain a wonderful working relationship with our Embassy and Consulates. Since it’s founding, one of the major purposes of the UCCA was to inform the general public of the plight of Ukraine – and we have done this through the years, and continue doing so today through our Bulletins and “Ukraine in Brief”’ publications, through our newly established, user-friendly website, through our numerous Elections Observer Missions (we have observed every presidential and parliamentary election in Ukraine since 1994), and through the diligence and dedication of our UCCA Branches.

The year 2010 brings new challenges -- the revitalization of our community will continue to be a top priority.    This task will require ongoing human and financial resources, which can only be obtained with a dedicated leadership team and an active and vibrant membership base.  We are fully committed to this cause, and confident that we can achieve this goal. Another challenge we will face will be the changes brought about by the Presidential elections this past February. We need to continue to be the advocates of Ukraine with in the United States. Already much slander regarding Ukraine’s proud past has been appearing in the media on an almost daily basis. It is our duty to stand firm against this onslaught and defend the reputation of Ukraine as a freedom-loving nation.

The UCCA is poised to be a strong advocate of Ukrainian interests to the US Government as well-- UNIS, our Washington DC public relations office, continues to voice our concerns and inform the U.S. Congress and Administration of our community's interests and needs.  However, as UNIS is dependent on the community's grassroots efforts - we must elevate the level of our community's advocacy work.

Almost all of the work of the UCCA is dependent on the generosity of its members. Without the moral and financial support of the UCCA members who have contributed annually to The Ukrainian National Fund, none of our achievements could have been possible. The success of this organization has always depended and will continue to depend upon its dedicated and patriotic membership. To ensure that our work continues to be most effective, we require the generous donations of our members and friends.  We encourage you to generously contribute to the UNF. You can be confident that your donation will go directly to protecting the interests of our community, and supporting an independent, democratic and prosperous Ukraine while maintaining a vital and vibrant Ukrainian community here in the United States.

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