Ukrainian World Congress Observer Mission Identifies Falsified Results on CEC Web Site and Expresses Grave Concern over Disregard for Rule of Law

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Kyiv, Ukraine - The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) International Election Observer Mission (UWC IEOM) continues to observe serious civil unrest resulting from the manipulation of the tabulation process and falsification of election results in several District Election Commissions (DECs). The significant delay in the vote tabulations and the substantive discrepancy between official protocols and results posted on the Central Election Commission (CEC) website bring into question the veracity of the election results in many DECs. The UWC IEOM calls for an immediate review of all Precinct Electoral Commission (PEC) protocols in relation to the posted results on the CEC web site.

After seven days of counting, many DECs have still not concluded their vote tabulation. Furthermore, there have been a number of DECs where the results posted by the CEC do no correlate with the protocols received from the PECs. This has led to widespread civil unrest and conflict. The UWC IEOM is deeply concerned with the continued violence and electoral fraud being monitored at many DECs in the areas of Kyiv, Kyiv Oblast, Vinnytsia, Mykolayiv and Odesa. UWC observers have been monitoring the allegations of illegal acts committed by local government administrations to over-ride election results, as well as the questionable intervention by courts.

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UWC observers continue to monitor and report on the situation.

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