Ukrainian World Congress Annual May Fundraising Drive

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The UCCA calls upon its Branches and Membership to donate to the Annual May Fundraising Drive of the Ukrainian World Congress!


Ukrainian World Congress May Appeal

We will not let anyone grow tired of Ukraine

Addressing an international conference in support of Ukraine in Kyiv on 28 April 2015 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko placed emphasis on the critical role of Ukraine’s partners in restoring peace and stability to the region and vowed, “We will not let anyone grow tired of Ukraine.” Our global Ukrainian community has risen to a challenge like no other in recent history. As Ukraine prepares to mark 24 years of independence we have been witness to the flagrant intrusion by the Russian Federation in the internal affairs of an independent Ukraine, the violation of Ukraine’s borders, the illegal occupation of Crimea, and finally, open military aggression in Eastern Ukraine.
Ukrainian communities around the world quickly engaged governments in condemning the violation of international laws, standing firmly in defence of the rights of the Ukrainian people, imposing sanctions against the aggressor state and providing Ukraine tangible financial aid and military resources.
The Ukrainian World Congress, together with Ukrainian communities throughout the world, is Ukraine’s leading partner in the promotion of Ukraine to the international community as an invaluable member of the European community that is standing on the frontline of defence of not only the interests of Ukraine, but the core values and principles of Western civilization.
Thanks to our sponsors and donors, extremely active and generous Ukrainian diaspora communities and organizations, countless volunteers who give of their time and resources to make a difference in Ukraine, the Ukrainian diaspora led by the Ukrainian World Congress has helped to secure assistance, support and friends for Ukraine at the highest levels of representation. But we need to do much more.

Our focus as a global Ukrainian community in the nearest future must remain on the following:

Maintaining the attention of the international community on Ukrainian issues

The Ukrainian World Congress will forge additional partnerships with internationally renowned institutions and agencies to develop targeted campaigns and projects designed to raise the profile of Ukraine and attract both high-level and grass roots support for Ukrainian initiatives, particularly in defence of Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity.

Counteracting Russian disinformation

The international community must join forces in combating Russian disinformation. Leveraging its vast network of international relationships, the Ukrainian World Congress is in the best position to strengthen global efforts to counteract Russian disinformation.

Supporting reforms in Ukraine

The Ukrainian World Congress must continue its work with high-ranking European Union (EU) officials to ensure support for the reform process in Ukraine, including the ratification of the EU‑Ukraine Association Agreement by all EU member states, the provision of a substantial financial assistance package akin to the Marshall Plan and the implementation of a visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens.

Strengthening civil society

With the strength and combined experience of the organized Ukrainian community and the established Ukrainian World Congress Mission to Ukraine, the Ukrainian World Congress will continue developing solid partnerships with NGOs in Ukraine and connecting them with similar organizations in the West to further their invaluable work.

The Ukrainian World Congress will continue to work in partnership with Ukraine on all of these fronts as it has done to date. However, the level of our success will be dependent on your support of the Ukrainian World Congress. I urge you to join Ukrainians around the world in helping us make a positive and lasting impact on the future of Ukraine, its people and the global Ukrainian community.
A new generation of Ukrainians has made a strong commitment to realizing the shared vision of a society in which fundamental human rights and freedoms are respected, and democratic, European values are espoused.
Together, we have made a tremendous difference at a critical juncture in history. The truth is on our side, but the challenges are significant.
Become a supporter of the Ukrainian World Congress. Your donation today will help the Ukrainian World Congress support the vision of tomorrow and ensure that no one ever grows tired of Ukraine.

Tax-deductible donations can be sent to the UCCA National Office located at: UCCA, 203 Second Avenue, NY, NY 10003.

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