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The UCCA's mission is to support cultural, educational, and humanitarian activities that emphasize the Ukrainian American heritage and provide support for Ukraine's newly developing democracy. As stated in the By-law's of the organization, the goals of the UCCA include:

  1. To coordinate and consolidate development of organized Ukrainian life in the U.S. and strive to increase the importance and role of the Ukrainian American community in the civic and cultural life of the country
  2. To represent the Ukrainian American community and its desire to aid the Ukrainian nation before the governmental structures of the USA
  3. To educate and disseminate information about Ukraine and the Ukrainian nation and provide all possible means of support for the consolidation of an independent and democratic Ukrainian state
  4. To assist the Ukrainian nation to attain honest, equitable and equal treatment among nations as a member of the family of sovereign nations
  5. To take part in providing tangible assistance to the Ukrainian nation through cooperation with private and governmental organizations
  6. To assist, support and cooperate with the United States government in creating an equitable world order
  7. In order to accomplish its goals, the UCCA shall
    1. Loyally cooperate with government authorities in their policies for the common good
    2. Obtain government contacts through consultation and correspondence with lay and religious organizations
    3. Publish relevant materials including press releases journals books etc.
    4. Collect and archive documentation on the participation of Ukrainian in the activities of the USA.
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