The Undefeated

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In 1950, long after most of the weary world laid down its arms in the aftermath of the Second World War, a battle for freedom continued to be waged, shrouded behind the newly drawn Iron Curtain. The Undefeated is the true story of General Roman Shukhevych, a genteel family man forced by brutal circumstances and his own sense of honor and duty to lead the fight to deliver his people from the savageries of both the Nazis and Soviets.

Producer and director Oles Yanchuk hailed by both the NY Times and Time Magazine for his heart-wrenching film, Famine ’33, delivers an internationally renowned team of filmmakers and artists to bring to the screen the epic story of Roman Shukhevych. Set against the backdrop of an underground war, Yanchuk explores the complex character of Shukhevych, his childhood revulsion at ethnic discrimination, his love for music, his genius in combat. The film smolders with the passion of the man and ignites the view with the same fire that Shukhevych fueled in his countrymen – the unquenchable flame of freedom.

Filmed in location in the exotic and mysterious Carpathian Mountains, the tarnished but still opulent cities of Odesa and Kyiv, and the architecturally stunning city of Lviv, The Undefeated is a movie filled with explosive action and suspense. It is a personal story of faith and commitment and ultimately, the victory of freedom over tyranny.

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