The composition and the duties of the UCCA Executive Board are defined in Section IV of the UCCA Bylaws. The current members of the UCCA Executive Board were elected by delegates at the XXII Congress of Ukrainians of America, held at the Ukrainian National Home in Hartford, Conn., over weekend of September 23-25, 2016.

Andriy Futey

UCCA President

Michael Sawkiw, Jr.


Stefan Kaczaraj

National Council Chair

Myron Kolinsky


Marie Duplak

Executive Secretary

The XXII Congress also appointed 10 additional members to the board, including a representative from UCCA’s Educational Council, the Director of UCCA’s National Office, and appointed representatives from the following organizations: the Providence Association of Ukrainian Catholics in America; the Ukrainian National Credit Union Association; the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee; the Ukrainian American Youth Association; New Ukrainian Wave; the Organization for Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine; the Women’s Association for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine; and a representative from the Illinois Division of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America.


UCCA unites over 20 national Ukrainian-American organizations under one umbrella, the UCCA National Council, consisting of representatives of UCCA local branches, delegates of the main Ukrainian religious faiths in the United States, the Editor-in- Chief of “The Ukrainian Quarterly,” as well as the following fraternal, educational, youth, veteran, religious, cultural, social, and humanitarian organizations: