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The Ukrainian Quarterly has been in circulation since 1944, and remains the only English-language scholarly journal dedicated to Ukrainian and Eastern European affairs. Sent to U.S. government officials, policy makers and universities throughout the world, this publication provides an outlet for the UCCA to disseminate information and advocate issues.

In its October 1944 inaugural issue, at the height of the Second World War, the editors of The Ukrainian Quarterly introduced the journal by writing:

“A lasting peace, which will give reasonable assurance that no third world war will break out again after some 25 years, can only be achieved if the new and presumably better world order to follow this war is based on the understanding and knowledge of true facts, unobscured by war propaganda. Overlooked or unsolved problems will not cease to exist merely because the world press and world diplomacy declined to bother with them. Such problems do exist and will continue to exist. If left unsettled now, during the present fluid conditions of the world, they may eventually erupt into another world conflagration.

Among the most important of such problems is that of Ukraine, particularly of the just and centuries-old aspirations to national freedom of the 45 million Ukrainian people. And yet comparatively very little is known of this problem in the outside world. It is as though some forces had conspired on both sides of the warring world, among both the Allies and the Axis to obscure it…Ukraine is beginning to appear to many Americans just as Russia portrays her: merely a geographic concept, a southern province of Russia…

All truly freedom loving people have to realize that a new peace built on realities and not on war propaganda would be durable and beneficial to the safety of democracies. The responsibility rests on the English speaking world. It is therefore the duty of those Americans who are of Ukrainian birth or descent and have, as the most recent group of immigrants, very strong ties with their brethren in Europe on the one hand, and through their new American homeland ties with the Anglo Saxon world on the other, to inform the world of the true state of Ukrainian affairs.

That is the main goal and justification for the appearance of this Ukrainian Quarterly. It shall endeavor to present a picture of the real circumstances surrounding the people of Eastern and Central Europe …

In our work we shall strive to be guided by the words of the gospel: ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make ye free.”

Commissioning its work from U.S. and international scholars, The Ukrainian Quarterly continues to be guided by these words and as a result has served as beacon of truth about Ukraine since its inaugural issue in 1944.

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