Each year, UCCA solemnly commemorates the Holodomor Genocide of 1932-1933 – one of the darkest pages of our people’s history. Marking the solemn anniversary of the Holodomor remains an essential component to educating our youth and raising awareness of  Stalin’s Famine-Genocide of Ukrainians.

UCCA is grateful to our branches and members who not only actively engage their local governments in marking this historic anniversary with local and statewide Proclamations, but also help garner support for Holodomor statements from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. In 2018, Congress recognized the Holodomor as Genocide, with language emphasizing the deliberate and premediated atrocities committed by the Soviet government against the Ukrainian nation.

16 November United Nations Commemoration

18 November - Annual NYC March and Requiem

2023 State & Local Proclamations

Washington Governor proclaims Ukraine Holodomor-Genocide Remembrance Month

Maryland Governor proclaims Ukrainian Holodomor Genocide Remembrance Month

Arizona Governor proclaims Ukrainian Holodomor/Genocide Remembrance Month

Wyoming Governor proclaims Ukrainian Holodomor-Genocide Remembrance Month

New York Governor proclaims Ukrainian Holodomor Remembrance Month

Massachussets Governor proclaims Ukrainian Genocide Remembrance Month

Hawai'i Governor proclaims Ukrainian Holodomor-Genocide Remembrance Month

West Virginia Governor proclaims Ukrainian Holodomor-Genocide Remembrance Month

Iowa Governor proclaims Ukrainian Genocide Remembrance Month

North Carolina Governor proclaims Holodomor Remembrance Day

Pennsylvania Governor recognizes Ukrainian Holodomor-Genocide Remembrance Month

Michigan Governor proclaims Ukrainian Genocide Remembrance Month

Minnesota Governor greets Ukrainian Americans on the 90th Anniversary of the Holodomor

Syracuse, NY, Mayor proclaims Holodomor Genocide Awareness Day

Kent, WA, Mayor proclaims Holodomor Remembrance Day

White House Petition

Pulitzer Petition

Ukrainian Holodomor Genocide Student Competition 2024

Join the Holodomor Descendants' Network

To mark the approach of the 90th Holodomor anniversary, the Holodomor Descendants Network undertook an oral history project, engaging students in grades 8-12. Ukrainian studies students from across the globe were invited to participate and conduct interviews with Holodomor descendants. These interviews are now accessible through the KONTAKT Next Gen television program and the Holodomor Descendants Network website.

UCCA calls on Descendants of Holodomor victims living in the United States to add their voice and support to awareness/commemoration initiatives.  Read More

September Commemoration in Chicago, IL

12 October UHEC Webinar in Somerset, NJ

23 October - 17 November Exhibit in Danvers, MA

29 October Commemoration in Long Island, NY

1 November Screening in Granville, OH

November Food Drive in Binghamton, NY

2 November Lecture at the Library of Congress

2 November - 4 February Exhibit in Washington, D.C.

3 November Commemoration in Houston, TX

4 November Commemoration in San Diego, CA

7 November Conference in Kyiv

6 November HREC Lecture

8 November Webinar

8 November Commemoration in Minneapolis, MN

9 November Commemoration in in Syracuse, NY

11 November Exhibit in Los Angeles, CA

12 November Commemoration in Los Angeles, CA

11 November Food Bank in Columbus, OH

12 November Film Screening in Piscataway, NJ

12 November Commemoration in Cohoes, NY

12 November Commemoration in Charlotte, NC

12 November Commemoration in San Francisco, CA

12 November Commemoration in Jenkintown, PA

13 November Webinar in Washington, D.C.

15 November Commemoration in Harrisburg, PA

16 November Webinar

17 November Commemorations in Cleveland, OH

17 November Readings in New York City

18 November Commemoration in Sacramento, CA

18 November Vigils across Colorado

18 November Commemoration in Rochester, NY

18 November Commemoration in Casper, WY

18 November Lecture in New York City

19 November Screening in Seattle, WA

19 November Commemoration in Warren, MI

19 November Commemoration in Phoenix, AZ

19 November Commemoration in North Port, FL

19 November Commemoration in Boston, MA

19 November Commemoration in Bethlehem, PA

19 November Lecture in Chicago, IL

21 November Film Screening in Buffalo, NY

23-25 November International Scholarly Forum in Kyiv “Ukraine in the Holodomor Era: Power, Resistance, Identity”

25 November Commemoration in Austin, TX

25 November Vigil in Washington, D.C.

25 November Commemoration in Chicago, IL

28 November Lecture in Rochester, NY

4 December Lecture in New Brunswick, NJ