Across the United States, many local Ukrainian American communities plan to publicly salute 2 years of Ukraine’s resilience in the face of all-out war against them, and the 10th year since war came to our homeland. If you or  your local community receive any official proclamations or stage any solidarity events, please share them with UCCA’s National Office. We will further pass along any images and videos to Ukraine through the Embassy in Washington as well as through the Ukrainian World Congress.

Find your local event


FEBRUARY 20: Webinar: Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine Analyzed (ONLINE) https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_GAFJulZWTrSVhYx8VNgxwg#/registration

FEBRUARY 20: Hybrid Webinar: Inclusive Economic Growth and the Role of the Private Sector in Ukraine’s Reconstruction (ONLINE) https://www.undp.org/ukraine/press-releases/special-public-event-inclusive-economic-growth-and-role-private-sector-ukraines-reconstruction

FEBRUARY 21: Webinar: Russia’s Rule in Occupied Ukraine (ONLINE) https://harriman.columbia.edu/event/russias-rule-in-occupied-ukraine/

FEBRUARY 22: Webinar: Year Three: Ukrainian Resistance and the New Phase of the War (ONLINE) https://daviscenter.fas.harvard.edu/events/year-three-ukrainian-resistance-and-new-phase-war



State by State – East to West

FEBRUARY 25: Two years of war in Ukraine Solidarity event (Lewiston, MAINE) https://fb.me/e/1rDGaFjoW


FEBRUARY 24: Stand With Ukraine: Protect the Light of Freedom (Boston, MASSACHUSETTS) https://fb.me/e/3lUJBcrQb

FEBRUARY 21: An Evening of Art and Music from Ukraine (Lowell, MASSACHUSETTS) https://fb.me/e/4gvWxAfTk


FEBRUARY 25: Back to Bucha: Finding the Spirit in Ukraine (Jamestown, RHODE ISLAND) https://fb.me/e/1CYU2EtD0


FEBRUARY 24: Vermonters March in Solidarity With Ukraine (Dummerston, VERMONT) https://fb.me/e/66w4iyvna


FEBRUARY 25: Connecticut Stands With Ukraine!  Two-Year Anniversary of the War in Ukraine (Hartford, CONNECTICUT) https://fb.me/e/apP1BsUc4

FEBRUARY 22: Russia’s War on Ukrainian Farms (New Haven, CONNECTICUT) https://calendar.yale.edu/cal/event/eventView.do?b=de&href=/public/cals/MainCal/CAL-8a808a53-8d727d22-018d-7a62f80d-0000469f.ics

FEBRUARY 22: Two Years of Ukraine’s Defense Event (New Haven, CONNECTICUT) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSez7zQF5u9mxZRz3dBIL-gqH59cseA5Is8buDxgIbzOJ23TzQ/viewform?j=2439480&sfmc_sub=29067065&l=94_HTML&u=69404137&mid=100009947&jb=1

FEBRUARY 24: ART for Ukraine (Norwalk, CONNECTICUT) https://fb.me/e/1SwMK8E6i

FEBRUARY 23: Mass Rally and Peace March (Stamford, CONNECTICUT) https://www.facebook.com/sumafederalcu/posts/pfbid02NpcmiDwvksjvHhqTfKea64zX79rGdHChEsYR1NiWPT7fzHRNz2VdeR5gQ6cq7tA7l


FEBRUARY 23: Bring Ukraine Aid to a Vote (Binghamton, NEW YORK) https://www.facebook.com/TFUFoundation/posts/pfbid02pf6AcGJgkmRQM2sUJPfkeYMHFdPYsYstiWCYGHscLHmkaR4Ab3ipXBSYRVjUTihDl

FEBRUARY 24: Believe in Ukraine Interfaith Vigil (Binghamton, NEW YORK) https://fb.me/e/3VTcdjPMs

FEBRUARY 24: Fundraiser for Ukraine (Brooklyn, NEW YORK) https://fb.me/e/wFoC9XMhH

FEBRUARY 23: WAR UP CLOSE – in virtual reality (Buffalo, NEW YORK) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/war-up-close-tickets-834751934507

FEBRUARY 25: Rally in Support of Ukraine (Colonie, NEW YORK) https://fb.me/e/1FLZhAYDv

FEBRUARY 24: 2nd Anniversary of full-fledged aggression in a war that has lasted 10 years (Hempstead, NEW YORK) https://fb.me/e/6pizSmlpu

FEBRUARY 24: 20 Days in Mariupol Screening and Discussion (Hudson, NEW YORK) https://mr4ukraine.org/events/

FEBRUARY 23:  Veselka Documentary Premiere (New York, NEW YORK) https://www.angelikafilmcenter.com/villageeast/film/veselka-the-rainbow-on-the-corner-at-the-center-of-the-world

FEBRUARY 23: Resilience, Resistance, Renewal: Two Years of the Full-Scale War in Ukraine (New York, NEW YORK) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/resilience-resistance-renewal-two-years-of-the-full-scale-war-in-ukraine-tickets-828978746747

FEBRUARY 24: NYC Flag Raising Ceremony (New York, NEW YORK) https://maps.app.goo.gl/2mNmfRPh3ZvcjMu86

FEBRUARY 24: Times Square Rally (New York, NEW YORK)

FEBRUARY 24: #UkraineStands Open House (New York, NEW YORK) https://ukrainianinstitute.org/event/24-february-2024/

FEBRUARY 24: NEW YORK FREEDOM GALA FOR UKRAINE (New York, NEW YORK) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-york-freedom-gala-for-ukraine-tickets-805303844477

FEBRUARY 24: JUSTICE FILM FESTIVAL – A NIGHT FOR UKRAINE (New York, NEW YORK) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/justice-film-festival-a-night-for-ukraine-20-days-in-mariupol-more-tickets-818454638857

FEBRUARY 27: Panel Discussion: Ukraine in the Third Year of War (New York, NEW YORK) https://harriman.columbia.edu/event/ukraine-in-the-third-year-of-war/

FEBRUARY 24: Молебен за мир в Україні з Панахидою (Rochester, NEW YORK) https://www.facebook.com/UkrainianFestival/posts/pfbid0xW49cykjhSZBJCYgTMNgAfSRUneTp3Eo8qzD1Q4X1YnA2veJAzSWxjRVJiP492Pil

FEBRUARY 24: War in Ukraine: A View from Inside (Rochester, NEW YORK) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/war-in-ukraine-a-view-from-inside-tickets-809804255327

FEBRUARY 25: Peace for Ukraine Walk (South Nyack, NEW YORK) https://www.facebook.com/sumafederalcu/posts/pfbid02NpcmiDwvksjvHhqTfKea64zX79rGdHChEsYR1NiWPT7fzHRNz2VdeR5gQ6cq7tA7l

FEBRUARY 25: Peace for Ukraine Walk (Tarrytown, NEW YORK) https://www.facebook.com/sumafederalcu/posts/pfbid02NpcmiDwvksjvHhqTfKea64zX79rGdHChEsYR1NiWPT7fzHRNz2VdeR5gQ6cq7tA7l

FEBRUARY 18: Prayer for Peace and Victory in Ukraine (Uniondale, NY) https://fb.me/e/64ptSx5ae

FEBRUARY 24: Intercession Prayer for Ukraine (Watervliet, NY) https://fb.me/e/1P2ZhQuYow

FEBRUARY 25: Solemn Commemoration of War in Ukraine 2014-2024 (Yonkers, NY) https://www.facebook.com/StMichaelsUkrainianCatholicChurch/posts/pfbid0iZgW6qCwuVXNFefTJH5FtmR611r8c59HYkDDy1TrCrKcbTVxJSskYJF31AyyUkyBl


FEBRUARY 24: Соборна Панахида & candlelight vigil to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine (Passaic, NEW JERSEY) https://fb.me/e/1YU02wkk0

FEBRUARY 26: Prayerful Commemoration of the Second Anniversary of Russia’s Genocidal War in Ukraine (South Bound Brook, NEW JERSEYhttps://fb.me/e/458cTCdXC



FEBRUARY 25: United With Ukraine: Prayer Service and Townhall Meeting (Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA) https://fb.me/e/3sTBj00li

FEBRUARY 24: Celebrating Ukrainian Resilience and Culture (Carnegie, PENNSYLVANIA) https://www.dtcare.org/helpers-of-pittsburgh

FEBRUARY 19: Human Chain of Solidarity with Ukraine (Harrisburg, PENNSYLVANIA) https://fb.me/e/2T1kR8m46

FEBRUARY 22: Lumen Christi Award Ceremony (Jenkintown, PENNSYLVANIA) https://stbasils.com/2947-2/

FEBRUARY 23: National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (Lewisburg, PENNSYLVANIA) https://fb.me/e/4pG2XfbcZ

FEBRUARY 26: Ukrainian American Blood Drive (North Wales, PENNSYLVANIA) https://www.facebook.com/tryzubclub/posts/pfbid0Z95sjF7qaUwSmFUBGyNxT6MMNnvmrM3KA5jHtVLBV9cQUpsDBdRWX3sPGYgjD4AWl

FEBRUARY 25: United We Win Rally (Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA) https://fb.me/e/4SKI4fVOY

FEBRUARY 25-March 3: Ukraine: the Edge of Freedom (Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA) https://pennlivearts.org/events/ukraine.php

FEBRUARY 25: Rally: Believe in Ukraine (Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA) https://fb.me/e/1GLvBBV6b

FEBRUARY 28: The Future of the War in Ukraine: Two Years and Counting (Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA) https://global.upenn.edu/perryworldhouse/event/future-war-ukraine-two-years-and-counting


State by State – East to West

FEBRUARY 25: Prayer Service for Peace in Ukraine (Wilmington, DELAWARE) https://fb.me/e/4fzY26h9D


FEBRUARY 24: Prayer Vigil for Peace in Ukraine (Baltimore, MARYLAND) https://fb.me/e/1ELc2QKtH

FEBRUARY 25: Art with a Heart for Ukraine – Concert (College Park, MARYLAND) https://fb.me/e/65NAHs72x





FEBRUARY 25: National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (Manassas, VIRGINIA) https://hylton.calendar.gmu.edu/national-symphony-orchestra-of-ukraine

FEBRUARY 18: Збір для України за участі Американської та Української спільноти до 2-ї Річниці Війни (Portsmouth, VIRGINIA) https://fb.me/e/1RY5WspxR

FEBRUARY 24: Two Years of russian War in Ukraine (Richmond, VIRGINIA) https://fb.me/e/1HDXGfkH4

FEBRUARY 24: Believe in Ukraine and Stay with Ukraine! (Roanoke, VIRGINIA) https://fb.me/e/1KmzWsDu8


FEBRUARY 23: Cannabis for Ukraine (Huntington, WEST VIRGINIA) https://fb.me/e/7brf1icRh

FEBRUARY 22: Roundtable on Ukraine (Morgantown, WEST VIRGINIA) https://fb.me/e/4WJDxSPvO


FEBRUARY 24: Stand with Ukraine Peace Rally (Asheville, NORTH CAROLINA) https://fb.me/e/6AkjA5fSE

FEBRUARY 24: Believe in Ukraine (Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA) https://fb.me/e/8w0v3xx7m

FEBRUARY 24: Rally and Candlelight Vigil (Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA) https://fb.me/e/46YvRLuLG


FEBRUARY 24: South Carolina Stands with Ukraine Rally & March (Columbia, SOUTH CAROLINA) https://fb.me/e/1mr0a7Wl8

FEBRUARY 24: Greenville, SC Stands with Ukraine Rally & Liberty Bridge Lighting (Greenville, SOUTH CAROLINA) https://fb.me/e/1Jfu48wiz


FEBRUARY 24-25: Ukrainian Festival “Vatra” (Altmante Springs, FLORIDA) https://fb.me/e/wFPZ9FRPp

FEBRUARY 25: Day of Ukraine’s Heroines (Miami, FLORIDA) https://fb.me/e/4VLTVjQXF

FEBRUARY 23: Rally for Ukraine (North Port, FLORIDA) https://www.facebook.com/oksana.piaseckyj/posts/pfbid02KBx6r3Ra6Gzm8tAFvzJbG9jUNYt6quHBKxkndUNZFF3E56fCK5fJckd9ryZ6t3u8l

FEBRUARY 24: Interfaith Prayer for Ukraine (North Port, FLORIDA) https://www.facebook.com/oksana.piaseckyj/posts/pfbid02KBx6r3Ra6Gzm8tAFvzJbG9jUNYt6quHBKxkndUNZFF3E56fCK5fJckd9ryZ6t3u8l

FEBRUARY 24-25: Ukrainian Festival Orlando (Orlando, FLORIDAhttps://ukrainianfestivalorlando.org/

FEBRUARY 24: Believe in Ukraine – Act for Ukraine (West Palm Beach, FLORIDA) https://fb.me/e/4L4nWR3pE


FEBRUARY 23: Prayer for Ukraine (Buford, GEORGIA) https://fb.me/e/wSwjKYawx

FEBRUARY 24: Believe in Ukraine! Act for Ukraine! (Atlanta, GEORGIA) https://www.facebook.com/UCCAinGeorgia/posts/pfbid0xaXrKHhVm4UpHmh6gSsyb62S7cBGRJgcw9YyUTNMugisUVFkh8wdNQLaS6QHFsrDl


FEBRUARY 24: Believe in Ukraine – Act for Ukraine! Rally for the 2nd anniversary of russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine (Huntsville, ALABAMA) https://fb.me/e/7ZdmXEel4


FEBRUARY 24: Rally to mark 2 years of  Full Scale Invasion and 10 Years of russian war in Ukraine (Austin, TEXAS) https://fb.me/e/1zpAJeVlt

FEBRUARY 24: Auto Rally – 2 years of war in Ukraine (Dallas, TEXAS) https://ukrainianclub.org/events/943-117-529/

FEBRUARY 23: Freedom Is Not Free: Houston and Ukraine Stand United (Houston, TEXAS) https://fb.me/e/5gGcxH5EM

FEBRUARY 24: Believe in Ukraine Rally (San Antonio, TEXAS) https://fb.me/e/4c6VlwqCl

FEBRUARY 25: Art Class to Help Ukraine (San Antonio, TEXAS) https://fb.me/e/kiwt7t2m4


State by State – East to West

FEBRUARY 24: Peaceful March for Ukraine “Believe in Ukraine” (Cincinnati, OHIO) https://fb.me/e/4jlUpdH6l

FEBRUARY 24: Vigil of Remembrance (Cleveland, OHIO) https://fb.me/e/h0oeU72EQ

FEBRUARY 17: Believe in Ukraine / Pray for Ukraine (Columbus, OHIO) https://fb.me/e/4YlS1cLZ9


FEBRUARY 19: Vigil for Ukraine (Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN) https://fb.me/e/1z73TaYj9

FEBRUARY 18: Панахида за Загиблих на Майдані та російсько – Української Війни (Hamtramck, MICHIGAN) https://www.facebook.com/ICHamtramck/posts/pfbid02w4qR267D1TH1Pz21gajgkqqZfpPXJALA18rhno38EdwNL2gEN17Y7xcDT9wJdobKl

FEBRUARY 24: Believe in Ukraine Solidarity Rally (Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN) https://fb.me/e/7UTo88YHd

FEBRUARY 24: Ukrainian Heritage Night at Little Caesars Arena (Detroit, MICHIGAN) https://www.pistons.com/ukrainian

FEBRUARY 25: STAND WITH UKRAINE Detroit Rally (Detroit, MICHIGAN) https://fb.me/e/xHgeo4bPv


FEBRUARY 18-23: Ukrainian Week at IU (Bloomington, INDIANA) https://www.facebook.com/ukrso/posts/pfbid0RJ1M1xn4uLqroE7Uc7kfnemnKLHfwf9KkGv64b4dcCnZN8n2nTvBDUyUycqG8Krnl

FEBRUARY 24: Bloomington Stands with Ukraine Fundraiser (Bloomington, INDIANA) https://fb.me/e/5J5piUV92



FEBRUARY 24: Stand with Ukraine (Chicago, ILLINOIS) https://fb.me/e/1EICh9W9p

FEBRUARY 25: Ukrainian Tribute (Peoria, ILLINOIS) https://westminsterpeoria.org/iben-08-25-24-ukrainian/


FEBRUARY 24: Stand with Ukraine: Believe in Ukraine (Green Bay, WISCONSIN) https://fb.me/e/1REpRRWiZ

FEBRUARY 24: Commemoration Rally & March (Milwaukee, WISCONSIN) https://fb.me/e/6bLml7eEx


FEBRUARY 24: Commemoration and Exhibit – Ukraine: War and Resistance (Minneapolis, MINNESOTA) https://fb.me/e/1GA4t87c0

FEBRUARY 24: Believe in Ukraine – Commemoration Event (Minneapolis, MINNESOTA) https://fb.me/e/6vc3rAS0Q


FEBRUARY 24: Ukrainian Rally February 24th – 2 Years of War (Davenport, IOWA) https://fb.me/e/1AJGOF36S

FEBRUARY 21: Lecture: Entangled Histories, Diverging States (Iowa City, IOWA) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/russia-and-ukraine-entangled-histories-diverging-states-tickets-828704516517


FEBRUARY 24: Stand with Ukraine Action STL MO – 2nd anniversary of the russian invasion (St. Louis, MISSOURI) https://fb.me/e/1R8mqiYHG


FEBRUARY 24-25: A Prayer for Ukraine (Belfield, NORTH DAKOTA) https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=pfbid02ks8nz2xH74b4YHdcNoNHwpA5mx3EsPAQibtuoko7Jxs5q8BgAQNPAn6EribppXj1l&id=100064749340812


FEBRUARY 24: Stand With Ukraine (Rapid City, SOUTH DAKOTA) https://fb.me/e/3znc5DRmS


State by State – East to West

FEBRUARY 24: Two Years of War – Rally for Ukraine (Denver, COLORADO) https://fb.me/e/S0DFfqgB 

FEBRUARY 28: Russia’s War on Ukraine Two Years Since the Full-Scale Invasion (Denver, COLORADO) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/russias-war-on-ukraine-two-years-since-the-full-scale-invasion-tickets-801868188337


FEBRUARY 24: Believe in Ukraine (Albuquerque, NEW MEXICOhttps://www.facebook.com/uanm.life/posts/pfbid0goTgMu8o7TvMemeBVxhEewY4EozKrFTQhgezx1SHNA5q6EzVdsPshRAgoYUfiCJfl


FEBRUARY 24: Stand With Ukraine: War Anniversary Rally (Flagstaff, ARIZONA) https://www.facebook.com/groups/354290751416204/permalink/2597376813774242/?mibextid=uJjRxr

FEBRUARY 24: Stand With Ukraine: War Anniversary Rally (Phoenix, ARIZONA) https://fb.me/e/3mgHTHWyh


FEBRUARY 25: 2 years of defending freedom(Las Vegas, NEVADA) https://fb.me/e/4jijF3YQ1


FEBRUARY 24: Commemorating Ukraine’s Two Years of Resilience (Agoura Hills, CALIFORNIA) https://fb.me/e/4jijF3YQ1

FEBRUARY 24: Stand With Ukraine 730 (Berkeley, CALIFORNIA) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stand-with-ukraine-730-registration-805700380527

FEBRUARY 22: A RISING FURY Benefit Screening for Ukraine (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-rising-fury-benefit-screening-for-ukraine-at-the-tcl-chinese-theatre-tickets-795650581307

FEBRUARY 23:  Veselka Documentary Premiere (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA) https://www.laemmle.com/film/veselka-rainbow-corner-center-world

FEBRUARY 24: 2 Years of War Auto Caravan (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA) https://www.freedom-of-ukraine.com/

FEBRUARY 24:  Remembrance Rally: 2nd year of ruzzia’s full-scale war in Ukraine (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA) https://fb.me/e/4n3Sj8l2i

FEBRUARY 24: UKRAINE UNBROKEN: 2 YEARS OF STRENGTH (Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ukraine-unbroken-2-years-of-strength-tickets-811666756117

FEBRUARY 24: Sacramento Solidarity Rally for Ukraine (Sacramento, CALIFORNIA) https://fb.me/e/4qKil3BiP

FEBRUARY 19: Candlelight Vigil for Ukraine (San Diego, CALIFORNIA) https://fb.me/e/1QLsMkWZM


FEBRUARY 24: Automaidan Rally for Ukraine’s Victory (San Francisco, CALIFORNIA) https://fb.me/e/75HqA9qjG

FEBRUARY 24: Film Night Dedicated to Commemorating 2 years of War (San Francisco, CALIFORNIA) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nova-ukraine-film-night-dedicated-to-commemorating-2-years-of-war-tickets-814638324157


FEBRUARY 24: Believe in Ukraine (Portland, OREGON) https://fb.me/e/3SNRu7fs2

FEBRUARY 24: Believe In Ukraine: Film Screening & Piano w Robert Bomstad (Portland, OREGON) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/believe-in-ukraine-film-screening-piano-w-robert-bomstad-tickets-822080032507


MARCH 2: Ukraine Unbroken (Camas, WASHINGTON) https://fb.me/e/1eFn2afbx

FEBRUARY 24: March & Rally❗️Stop Russia: the cost of inaction is higher than the cost of action (Seattle, WASHINGTON) https://fb.me/e/1NVZrOYoJ


FEBRUARY 21: Believe in Ukraine – Rally Against Two Years of Invasion (Honolulu, HAWAI’I) https://fb.me/e/1dk6kJmYI

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

South Bound Brook, NJ

San Diego, CA

Boston, MA

Dummerston, VT

Seattle, WA

Phoenix, AZ

New York City

Detroit, MI

Los Angeles, CA

Sacramento, CA

Asheville, NC

Norwalk, CT

Hartford, CT

Hartford, CT

Minneapolis, MN

Yonkers, NY

Pittsburgh, PA

Houston, TX

Berkeley, CA

San Francisco, CA

San Diego, CA

Grand Rapids, MI

New York City

North Port, FL

Carnegie, PA

Bloomington, IN

Belfield, ND

Los Angeles, CA

Albuquerque, NM

Columbus, OH

Cleveland, OH

Atlanta, GA

Passaic, NJ

Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY

Detroit, MI

Buffalo, NY

Lewiston, MA

Jenkintown, PA

San Antonio, TX

Los Angeles, CA

Portsmouth, VA

Watervliet, NY

West Palm Beach. FL

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