This year, UCCA will be hosting its XXIII Congress of Ukrainians in America 11-13 October 2024. The Convention will be held at outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a key 2024 Presidential and Congressional battleground state.

On 23 January 2024, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America hosted a virtual meeting of UCCA’s National Council, UCCA’s highest ruling body. In accordance with UCCA’s Bylaws, the National Council ratified a proposal from the Presidium of UCCA’s Executive Committee to schedule the XXIII Congress of Ukrainians in America on 11-13 October 2024. At this convention, delegates from across the United States will meet on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA, to elect a new UCCA National Executive and plan a course of action for the next four years. Delegates will also hear reports from the outgoing National Executive and Committee Chairs and discuss the work that has been accomplished since the last convention. Of special significance will be the planned workshops and roundtable discussions for both delegates and guests, which will allow for open discussion on key political, strategic and social concerns that are important to the Ukrainian American community as well as its relations with Ukraine.

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UCCA’s National Council will meet again this spring to appoint a Nominating Committee for the XXIII Congress, as well as a Shevchenko Freedom Award Committee, and solicit proposed amendments to UCCA’s bylaws. In advance of the 23 January meeting, UCCA’s National Office worked with UCCA’s Philadelphia-area Local Branch leadership in preparation for the selection vote. Eugene Luciw, President of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America’s Philadelphia branch, and Natalia Luciw were responsible for the majority of fact-finding and in-person meetings in the area.

In commemoration of UCCA’s XXIII Congress of Ukrainians in America, a Convention Book will be published, part of which will be dedicated to greetings and advertisements from members and organizations within the Ukrainian community.

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Since UCCA’s founding convention in 1940, the Congress of Ukrainians in America has served as a venue for U.S. presidential campaigns and political party leaders to share their visions of U.S.-Ukraine relations. In addition to the 538 members of the Electoral College which decide the Presidential election, on Tuesday, 5 November 2024, all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested, potentially influencing the make-up of both the Congressional Ukraine Caucus and the Senate Ukraine Caucus. Following an historic election in 2020, with over 150 million combined votes cast for the first time in U.S. history, UCCA will once again endeavor to spark civic engagement through its convention to maximize the Ukrainian American presence at the polls, with the goal of convincing incoming Representatives and Senators to continue to enact vital Congressional support for Ukraine.

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